CV ExampleS

CV Example
Here is a list of several examples of CVs, the examples are all in Microsoft Word format :
Example CV 1 Clean and Simple
Example CV 2 Example CV with a border around the page
Example CV 3 Education, Reference and experience section only
Example CV 4 Page Border
Example CV 5 Professional, Functional Cv Sample
Example CV 6 Functional CV focus on qualifications and skills
Example CV 7 CV template with detailed sections
Example CV 8 CV with example info. and instructions
Example CV 9 Cv template with suggestions and tips embedded
Example CV 10 CV template with shading in headings
Example CV 11 CV Example with detailed instructions and tips embedded
Example CV 12 Nice page border
Example CV 13 Professional Academic CV
Example CV 14 Clean shaded titles with emphasis on skills CV
Example CV 15 Small font CV
Example CV 16 Professional CV
Example CV 17 Right Aligned CV
These Example CVs are to be used as a base from which to startwe encourage you to read the following materials on CV writing
CV writing
How to write a CV
Why write a CV

Sample Resume Entry Level

Sample Resume Entry Level
The resume is a starting point, and yes, it is required. But no, it's not magic and no, it won't get you the job. But without a good one, it could keep you from getting the job (or from getting the interview). Follow the pointers below to fully prepare yourself for your job search trek!

Quickstart Resume TemplatesBuild your personal resume using one of our more than 175 fully customizable Quickstart Resume Templates. Resumes for 29 different majors (from Accounting to Zoology) are provided to you free of charge! These resume templates are all entry level, all exclusively here at!

Quickstart Resume Templates
We have more than 200 resume templates stored here at our site available for you to download for free! We have resume templates for more than 30 different majors (from Accounting to Zoology) in 6 different file formats, so you should be able to find the resume template that is just right for your needs.
These templates are truly portable--you download them, customize them and update when you want to, where you want to. It will give you a quickstart on getting your resume pulled together in our award-winning format.

Quickstart Resumes
The Quickstart Resume Templates are formatted by major. There are currently over 30 different majors listed.
Note that each template has a copyright line at the bottom of the template. You may remove that line after you have modified the template content for use as your personal resume.
Please choose the major which is the closest match to your own to access the downloadable templates:
Aeronautical Engineering
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Fine Arts
Human Resources
Information Systems
Liberal Arts
Mechanical Engineering
Media Arts
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Public Relations
Social Work